Hot Wheels Haven Raceway and Hobby was a complete accident! We started out to get rid of a few hundred Hot Wheels cars we had laying around from the old days, and HERE WE ARE! Justin, our Science Officer, suggested it might be fun to add a small 4 lane Hill Climb slot car track to our Hot Wheels retail area, as seen below. From one fun racing season on it, we've grown into Lorain County, Ohio's Slot Car Racing home. A drag track was added at the end of Season One, because "how hard could it be?" Our Hillclimb racers clamored for more space, so the Kingleman was purchased from another Northeast Ohio raceway. Drag Racers came by the dozens, so another drag track was constructed for Season Two. then, another nearby raceway was going under and offered us their Oval.

We are committed to Family Fun and preserving the rich heritage of slot car racing Hobby in Elyria, Ohio.

A Permanent "Thank You" and memorial to The Slot Shop, and Paul and Donna Hubbell and all the kids they supported, taught, and tolerated over the years in this great Hobby!